What is SEO in Digital Marketing? How to increase Website Traffic?


Hello friends, What is SEO in Digital Marketing? Complete information of Search Engine Optimization, SEO full guide By Technology Sagar

If you are a blogger then it is very important for you to know about SEO and Digital Marketing. And to become a successful blogger, you have to understand SEO well and implement it in your blog. You must have at least basic knowledge of SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization. If you do not know about SEO, then you cannot bring Organic Traffic to your website.

  • What is SEO?
  • How does SEO work?
  • How to do SEO?
  • Benefits of SEO?
  • How to increase traffic with SEO?


It is very important to know about etc. Only then you can become a successful blogger. I have already written many posts about SEO. In which many tips have been told about this from the details. “SEO all Articles” Today we will learn in this post what is SEO? How does SEO work? Why a blog or website reads the need for SEO Optimization.

What is SEO in Digital Marketing? ( Search Engine Optimization )

If we understand this in easy terms, SEO is a way to bring your blog or website to the top in search engines. We can also call this the rule to increase traffic. If you follow these rules then your website is ranked at the top in the search engine.and SEO has full form “Search Engine Optimization”. if you optimizing your blog or website to get more traffic from Google / Bing search engines.

SEO and Digital Marketing is a process whereby any website can be brought to the top of the search engine. In simple terms, this technique can bring maximum traffic to any website. With the help of SEO, we optimize the content of our website, which gives us free, organic, and natural traffic from search engines.

If a person or a company builds a website, its purpose is to deliver or sell their talk, service or product to the people. But if traffic is not coming on his website, that is, people do not visit, then how will he sell his service or product. Therefore, search engine optimization has to be done to bring the website to the top of the search engine. So that there is traffic increase on the website.

If we talk about search engines, there are many search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Etc. All search engines have content shows of websites and blogs. But today there are millions of websites and blogs on the internet. In such a situation, the search engine will show its content on the first page. So tell you that the search engine will only show the content of the website on the first page, whose posts are search engine friendly (SEO Friendly). That is, the post has been written by doing search engine optimization.


How does SEO work?

First of all, understand that What is SEO in Digital Marketing, it is an algorithm to rank a website. Let us understand by example how does SEO work?.


Suppose you have to buy a mobile. So you will go to a mobile shop and show them the mobile. The shopkeeper will first show you good phones, popular phones, and branded phones that people trust more.

Only then will you show cheap and old phones. Similarly, all search engines, popular and good content websites show on the first page. The content of the website is SEO friendly. It contains keywords, tags, permalink, description, etc. They are well written. Use search engine shows on top.

Like if you asked the shopkeeper to show the mobile, then the shopkeeper showed you mobile directly by not showing anything else. In the same method here when you search for something on the Google / Bing search engine, after click search engine shows you the same thing on the results pages that you have searched.

What is a SERP?

Full form of SERP is “Search_Engine_Result_Pages“. SERP is the page that shows as a result on the first page of the search engine. Your rank in SERP is also called page rank. So in this way, if the rank of your page is high, then it is a simple matter that it will show on the first page of the search result.


If we understand in easy terms, then SERP are called web pages that appear in search results. When you search for a Keyword. Then the pages which show in the search result are called SERP. To increase the SERP rank of your website articles, you must have written SEO friendly articles.

Why is SEO Important in Digital Marketing?

For example, for any business, customer needs are read. Without a customer, every business is worthless, in the same way, visitors need to read online business on the internet. If you have a website or blog, then it requires traffic. And to increase the traffic of any website, we have to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That’s why SEO is important.

As an example, let’s say you open an electronic shop. Until now people will not know about your shop and people will not come to your shop, then how will your product sell. For this, you will have to do marketing, in which you can advertise and go to the house of people and tell about your shop.

This will let people know about your shop and build people’s trust. With which they will come to your shop and your product will start selling. In the same way, your website is on the Internet and if people do not know, no one will come to your website. For this, the need of SEO is read. SEO makes your website available to all search engines like Google

, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Etc.

Also Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Etc. I also see your site. Through which people get to know about your website and they visit your site. So in this way you must have understood how much SEO is important for website. SEO technique come in digital marketing.

Types of SEO? ( Search Engine Optimization )

i) On Page SEO

On Page SEO is an Technique, which we do on the page of our blog / website’s post. You can easily understand from the name of SEO, this is what is most important for ranking in Google and Bing Search Engine. ON PAGE SEO means that which is done on top of the Blog / Website’s page, all the SEO settings done on the page while writing posts on the website post, are called On Page Seo technique.

On Page SEO, we have to work on all SEO technique and google guide lines while writing our blog posts.

Such as: – Title length ( 55 – 60 Character and Pixel 420 or Below), Meta Description length ( 155 – 160 Character or Pixel 920 or Below ), LSI and Long tail Keywords, Permalink, Internal Linking, outer linking, Images size, Alt Tag, Focused Keyword mention in title and also First paragraph, Keyphrase in slug, Keyphrase density Etc.

When we write posts on our blog, We have to take care of SEO Technique while writing posts on our Blog. otherwise our post not proper visiable on Google search engine and you do’t get organic traffic on your website, so title, Meta Description and Permalink is very important for our Blog post, because these shows in search engines.

when google boat crawl your website while easily understand about your post and will be represent front of organic traffic.

All steps of On Page SEO is controlled by you, in the page or interface of your Website / blog. Therefore, if you doing SEO in the right way is very important. and you implement On Page SEO on your post in the right SEO way, then organic traffic will definitely start on your blog’s post and also you will be eligible for google absence account.
I have already written a post about On Page SEO, in which all the information step by step given in full detail.

ii) What is Off Page SEO?

Off page SEO is start after publish post because this is second step, what you do SEO off your page. This means that SEO that we don’t do on the page of our blog post. the help of example, you can understand easily. e.g. Facebook, whatsapp, linkedine, youtube Sharing, blog Commenting, Guest Post on other platform, and also Directory Submission, Etc.

All social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked in, Etc. But make a profile of your website and keep updating it continuously. Also, after publishing the article, share it immediately on all social sites. Go to other popular blogs related to your blog and write a guest post.

What is Guest Post? How to write a guest post? And comment in other popular blogs to create a backlink. By doing this, your post will be Off Page SEO.

Types of SEO in Digital Marketing?

i) White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is an AC technique that follows all search engine guidelines. This is an  SEO Technique which we must do in our website and blog. This will make our site SEO good and traffic will increase.

Every work has two aspects, right and wrong. Similarly, there are two ways of SEO on Internet too. If you do SEO on your site with the right technique, which follows the search engine guidelines, then it is called White Hat SEO.

You have to pay attention to the title, description while writing the blog post. Use Keywords in Title and Description. And use the same keywords that are related to your post. The post must have quality content. Write a post that has your own copyright on it, and be absolutely unique. If you take care of all the things in your blog post then White Hat SEO will become automatic in your post.

ii) Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is completely opposite of White Hat SEO technique, and doesn’t follow Guideline of Google search engines. While White Hat SEO is beneficial for our website and blog, but Black Hat SEO is very harmful for our website according to google and bing search engine. Our site permanently banned from Black Hat SEO.

When we do SEO in a wrong way in order to get more traffic to our site. So it is called Black Hat SEO. Such as using keywords beyond the post topic, placing more photos without meaning, much more in the description and using keywords different from the topic, etc.


So friends, now you must know what is SEO in Digital Marketing? it’s benefits? How to do SEO? 
How to do SEO?  Why is SEO important?

Now you will have complete knowledge of Search Engine Optimization.  I hope you liked what is SEO in Digital Marketing? post. And you understood all type of things. If you still have any query about SEO, you can directly ask us by Call – 8619084159. If you liked this post, please share this post with all your friends on social media platform. Apart from this, you can get the information about all new posts, you can subscribe us.


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