What is Modules in VB.NET – Technology Sagar

What is Modules in VB.NET - Technology Sagar

What is Modules in VB.NET – Modules in vb – module is such a Code Window. In which the user can globally declare variable, function, procedure etc.

That is, you can use these code statements in any project form etc. The modules provide integrated programming facilities to the user.

By which the user can easily prepare the procedure for them by declaring the form and project etc. in only one editor.

Always save with their own extension.BAS , Which appears in the project explorer window of visual basic.

Create new module in VB.NET : –

To create a new module a user has to take the following steps-

The add module dialog box is obtained by first selecting the add module in the project menu or by right clicking in the project explorer window.

This dialog box consists of two new and existing tabs. In which the user first selects the new tab to create the module. And selects the exixting tab of the pre-made modules.

By default module are saved in a folder named codelib. But the user can save it elsewhere as per his wish. So that they can be used for a long time.

Types of module –

There are two types of Modules in VB.NET that the user can use.

(1) Standard Modules: –

This is independent code. Which can be accessed by a project. Such_modules are called standard_modules. This is saved with (.BAS) extension.

(2) Class Modules: –

It is used to create an object. In which there are many procedures store. The object and data are called within the procedure itself. Save is done with class (.cls) extension.

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