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Visual Basic Tutorial for Beginners

VB.Net Programming Tutorial For Beginners – If you want to learn Visual Basic. You have come to the right place. In this post, we have explained in detail the (What is VB.Net in Detail) for Beginners.

Today we will learn what is visual basic dotnet. VB is a programming language which developed by Microsoft Corporation in 1992. Visual Basic is made from Basic (BASIC) language.

The final version was released in 1998. Microsoft’s support ended in March 2008.

After this, Visual Basic DotNet (‘VB.NET’) was launched by Microsoft. It supports rapid application development (RAD) of GUI.

Visual Basic 6 is a very simple Programming Language because in this Programming Language, the world’s most professional GUI Desktop Application Software has been developed.

If we say that most of the programmers of the world were introduced by VB to introduce Windows GUI (Graphical User Interface) based Desktop Application Development, it would not be wrong.

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Why Visual Basic is important to learn properly?

If you understand Visual Basic 6, you can actually understand Microsoft’s new Programming Language VB.NET to a great extent.

Because VB.NET is the next version of VB6. Most of VB6’s Controls and Programming Methods have been similarly implemented in VB.NET, so that any VB6 Programmer can easily do Professional Software Development in .NET Framework.

Visual Basic is a tool used to create a Window Application. Visual Basic is an extension of BASIC Programming language.

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The main difference between the two is that Visual Basic is used to create a Graphical User Interface application while BASIC is used to create a DOS Program.

The main feature of Visual Basic Programming Language is that you can easily devlope the application according to the requirement of the user.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) can be contained in it, that is, you can develop your application through the mouse.
And simultaneously type the code through the keyboard, which is Execute, Built in code in Visual Basic (Visual Basic) Programming language.

Visual Basic 6 Edition (Visual Basic 6)

  • Standard (Standard)
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

Timeline of Visual Basic

  • Visual Basic 1.0 : 1991
  • Visual Basic 2.0 : 1992
  • Visual Basic 3.0 : 1993
  • Visual Basic 4.0 : 1995
  • Visual Basic 5.0 : 1997
  • Visual Basic 6.0 : 1998

Features of Visual Basic DotNet


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