what is keyword density in seo? How much should it be kept?


What is Keyword Density in SEO?

In this article today we will talk about what is keyword density in seo?. How is this important in the article? Also, if you are a new blogger, then you will know keyword density formula in seo? How important is it to make any blog successful?

If you are a blogger, then you must be in search of the best keywords day or night, or just saying, finding the Golden Keyword will be the purpose of your life.If four bloggers stand together, things also happen on the keywords, although no one tells their keywords but the topic of discussion keeps moving back and forth.

what is keyword density in seo?

what is keyword density for seo? Before understanding, let’s understand keyword density for seo

Actually, when we are completely new in the field of blogging, then we do not have much detailed information and we keep working in the wrong direction.

We feel that the more content we put on our blog, the more successful it will be. But .. don’t apply this formula in current blogging life.

Google algorithms always said that only focus on Content Quality, and not on Quantity.

Now it comes to how attention can be paid to the quality content, but i tell you about high quality content means that the person reading your content on your blog, you are putting on your blog can get enough information that he wants to do.

you write your blog in such a way that every problem solved of the person in it.

Along with content quality, you also have to work hard on Keyword Research, so before you prepare your content, find some good keywords related to it.

keyword research are search queries that are inserted by user on Google or any other engine.

For example, if a person searches cricket news in Hindi in Google, then it is a keyword. On which Blogger works and only then the user gets the result of any such Queries.

If you enter the content without taking keywords into consideration, it spoils both your hard work and time and it becomes impossible to rank such an article in any search engine.

So always use Keyword well in the article so that you can successfully rank your article.

In such a situation, it is bound to come to your mind – how to do keyword research?

How to do keyword research?

So let us tell you that many important SEO keyword research tool for bloggers like Ahref, Semrush, Keyword Planner, Keywords Everywhere are present which make your work extremely easy.

So friends, let’s hope you all what is keyword research? how to do keyword research? Must have guessed

Now let’s talk about what is keyword density?

After finding the Keyword, all the work is not finished, after this everyone has to follow some rules for seo,

which it is very important to pay attention to Keyword Density.

You can also call it the basis of blogging. Actually, Keyword Density is called the percentage of the keyword, which you have focused in main article.

Keyword Density = (Your Focus Keyword / Complete post’s word) * 100

Assume ,

If you have written an article of 1000 words in which the focus keyword has been used 15 times,

Keyword Density is 1.5% according to this formula.

According to SEO, if we talk, then the Keyword Density should not be less than 1% or more than 2.5% in any of our articles.

Otherwise ranking the article is negligible and Google may consider it spamming.

If you want to do Keyword Stuffing well in your article, then it is very important to use the main keyword in the title of the article, in the first paragraph, in Headings H1 & H2, in the description and at the end.

So friends, was this information what is keyword density? Or keyword density formula, How much should it be kept?

Hopefully you will get useful information in the article.

If you have any question related to what is keyword density in seo? then you can feel free to ask us in the comment box, and if you want to share your experience related to blogging, Technology_Sagar welcomes you wholeheartedly.

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