Jaggery (Gur) – Top 9 Amazing Health Benefits & Facts



JAGGERY Overview: Winters are here, so today let’s talk about the most famous, and natural dessert, which is produced in winters only. 

Yes, the natural dessert, we’re talking about Jaggery/Gur, which is commonly known as Gur. It is generally made up of Sugarcane. 

Maharashtra is the largest producer as well as the largest consumer of Jaggery. It is produced in almost all parts of India, but North India is the regular producer of it. 

In Indian culture, Jaggery is used in making sweets on festivals like Ugadi, New Year Feast.

Muzaffar Nagar in Uttar Pradesh has the World’s Largest Jaggery Market. Jaggery is used in various ways across the country. It also has various health benefits for the human body.

Let’s first talk about the uses of Jaggery.

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Uses of Jaggery:

 It is used in various ways. Some of its common uses are:

  1. It is used in the creation of traditional alcoholic beverages such as Wines.
  2. It is also used in Toffees and Cakes along with nuts and spices.
  3. Jaggery can be used as a natural dye for Fabrics.
  4. It is also used in Hookahs, mostly in Haryana, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh.
  5. It is often used as a substitute for sugar in baking.

Types of Jaggery:

There are many types of Jaggery. Somewhere it is produced from Sugarcane, whereas somewhere from coconut.

Here’s a detailed discussion on its types.

  1. Sugarcane Jaggery: It is a very common and widely used variant. This is produced from the unrefined sugarcane juice. It has a unique taste and texture, prepared from the age-old techniques of boiling, churning, and filtering.
  2. Coconut Jaggery: It is generally made up of the extracts of coconut sap. Coconut Jaggery has a crystalized texture along with its sweet taste. It is very common in the delicacies of Southern India. The taste of this jaggery is very much sweeter than of other types.
  3. Palm Jaggery: This jaggery variant is very much sweeter. It is made up by extracting the sap of the palm. The Sap is manually boiled and then churned to make jaggery from it. It has a melt-in-mouth kind of texture.


Jaggery is packed up with many health benefits. Some of them are:

1. Helps in Losing Weight:

 Nowadays, most people are facing the issue of high body weight due to a sedentary lifestyle or whatever, Jaggery is a good and well-known remedy which helps in weight loss.

It has potassium, which helps to balance electrolytes, muscle growth and boosts metabolism. The Potassium available in jaggery also reduces water retention in the body, which directly helps one in losing weight.

2. Regulates Blood Pressure­: 

Sodium and Potassium are available in a higher amount in Jaggery, which maintains the acid levels in the body. It directly helps to maintain normal blood pressure levels.

Jaggery is a good option to include in the daily diet for those who are facing high or low blood pressure issues.

3. Reduce Respiratory Problems: 

Jaggery with sesame seeds helps in treating respiratory problems. It is a good option for those who have any frequent respiratory tract problems.

It reduces respiratory problems and helps to make it perform well.

4. Provides Energy: 

Jaggery provides gradual energy, which lasts longer in comparison to sugar. It indirectly helps to prevent fatigue.

5. Helps to prevent constipation: 

Consumption of this natural sweetener helps to improve bowel movements and prevents constipation.

6. Provides relief in Joint Pain:

 Consumption of jaggery provides relief in joint pain. It is a good pain reliever for those who are suffering from arthritis. It can be consumed along with crushed ginger.

7. Relieves Menstrual Cramps: 

Jaggery is one of those natural remedies which are used to ease the pain of menstrual cramps.

It also helps to release endorphins in the body, which makes it a good option for those who experience mood swings.

8. Helps to cure Cold & Cough: 

It is said that Jaggery_Gur produces heat in the body, which helps the body to fight flu-like symptoms such as cold and cough.

It can be consumed as a sweetener in tea or coffee or with warm milk.

9. Boosts the Immune System: 

As I mentioned earlier, Jaggery has lots of nutrients such as antioxidants, minerals like zinc, and selenium, which help the body in preventing radical damage.

It also helps the body to build resistance against various infections in the body.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are various other benefits. Along with the benefits, it has some side-effects too in case of consumption.

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Let’s have a look!


1. Increase in weight: 

In the case of overconsumption, Jaggery can lead to the consumption of excess calories, which results in weight gain in a very short period.

2. Not good for a Diabetic Patient: 

Excess consumption of Jaggery is not good for those who are diabetic or at risk of diabetes. It can lead to a rise in blood sugar levels.

So, one who is diabetic or at the risk of it should avoid eating jaggery.

3. Can be Allergic: 

Excess consumption of Jaggery_Gur can develop a food allergy to people. It can lead to a runny nose, nausea, headache, cold and cough, etc.

4. Can result in Parasitic Infection: 

Consumption of jaggery can result in some parasitic infection if it is not properly prepared or prepared in relatively unhygienic conditions.

5. Consumption is risky for those who have Inflammatory conditions:

 The sugar content present in the Jaggery_Gur can result in swelling and fluid retention in the face.

People with such inflammatory conditions as rheumatoid arthritis should avoid consuming it or if they are consuming it, they should keep a track of their consumption.

Disclaimer: The above-given data is a piece of general information. It does not belong to any scientific data or any research paper.

So, I request you all, please don’t use this information as any medical advice and avoid inculcate all this in your routine without consulting any medical help, if you’re having any kind of medical history related to this.

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