How to Start Career in digital marketing with No Experience


How to get into Digital Marketing with No Experience

Nowadays, almost every person is familiar with the term Digital Marketing. We all know that this field has a broad career scope. But some of us don’t possess the required experience to get into the field; some feel that they don’t have sufficient knowledge How to start a career in digital marketing, Digital marketing job opportunities in India.




Basically, there is no formula to learn it, there are some modules that you can follow. But can only modules teach you everything? No! Because in addition to modules,

there are many things that you have to learn. To understand digital marketing better, start your study with the various given steps.


Digital marketing is a changing field and if you are in this field, then you should know what is currently going on or what is in trending.

Keep reading some new things about digital marketing and read blogs related to digital marketing because digital marketing is a changing field.

So, what we are lacking here, and what do we require to proceed forward?

Well, in my opinion, there is a lack of proper guidance. Here, I’m listing down some of the ways which will give an idea to those who are looking for some guidance to start a career in digital marketing

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Various steps that can be taken to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

1. Read and Learn about Digital Marketing: 

There are various certification courses available online, that one can do from their place itself with a very less cost price. One should always focus on learning. If you feel that you had learned enough, look around you,

you will get various new things that you can have a hands-on. Digital Marketing is not any small domain; it is a vast area that requires various skills, knowledge, and practical hand-on data.

So, whatever you can access, learn about it.

2. HTML and WordPress Basic

Before working on HTML and WordPress you must have a piece of good knowledge about them. You do not need any supporter in this field, but the basic knowledge will help you a lot.

Learn how to use HTML tags and plugins in WordPress so that you don’t need a supporter and you can do much better work.

3. Associated with Digital Marketers

Build relationships with digital marketers. Because when you get stuck in a problem, then these digital marketers will be there to help you. In addition, they will help you access opportunities where you cannot reach alone.





It is not necessary that these people be around you. They can also be connected in other ways. There are many forums where digital marketing experts interact, discuss their problems with others. So stay connected with such groups.

4. Start Blogging: 

Nowadays, it is quite easy to start blogging. One can use sites like WordPress to make your blogging website. There are many other platforms, which help us in blogging.

Once you have started blogging, you will be developing yourself as a brand through your content.

You will be getting experiences about the different aspects of this field, which is a base for your career in Digital Marketing domain.

You can even show off your work in your portfolios or resumes, to give an idea to others about your work.

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5. Go for some internship and orientation programs: 

There are various companies, which are providing some internship and orientation opportunities to the freshers in the field of Digital Marketing. Try to grab such opportunities.

It will give you real-time exposure to the industry and will also give you some count in your experience. In internship programs, you can learn things by doing and in orientation programs,

you will be learning from well-experienced personnel. It will lead to an improvement in your skillset.

How to Start Career in digital marketing with No Experience  and without a degree

6. Work on your skills: 

As a fresher, one should focus on improving their skill set, not money or designation. In Digital Marketing, one requires a lot of soft skills, and to make a career into it; you must be well skilled. So, you can work on your skillet, by online learning from the professionals, by practicing, or by working. 

7. Start with Networking:  

One must be well connected to the people around them. We don’t know who can get impressed with our work and will land in our dream job.

You should make new connections with the people and ask them to give feedback about your work.

It will make ourselves to work on the flaws in our work. And also, it will make them refer your work to others and, you can retain some of the clients.

8. Always keep an eye on your dream companies: 

You should always have an eye on the companies you want to get in. Just be familiar with the company’s activities and also keep applying for the post, for which the company is hiring.

By doing this, you will be having an idea about the recruitment process and also; it will help you to improve your skills.

At last, I would like to say that you should always focus on quality, not quantity. Your work is your brand; it represents you in the market; you should never compromise with it.

If you have the quality content, it will surely make you land in your dream job and also various clients for content development in this field.

I hope that after reading How to Start Career in digital marketing article, you will get some idea, what you have to do.

Good luck with your future job hunts and for your career in this field – Technology Sagar

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    1. Yes, you can take up some of the free courses about Digital Marketing from sites such as Coursera or Udemy. You can start blogging and develop the content so that it can retain you some clients.

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