How to start a blog writing from scratch & make money in 2020

How to start a blog writing from scratch and Make money in 2020


You can start a blog using CMS or coding. Many people do not know to code but want to How to start a Blog Writing to make money. They can start a blog using Blogger and WordPress.

These 10 easy steps will help you:

  1. Choose Your Favorite Blogging Platform
  2. Choose the right place according to your interest
  3. Buy a full domain
  4. Choose the best hosting provider
  5. Design your blog (you can use some themes)
  6. Do keyword research
  7. Publish an article and share it on social media
  8. Index your blog in search engines
  9. Promote Your Blog To Get Instant Traffic
  10. Apply ads to earn money or join affiliate networks

keyword research

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Publish an article and share it on social media

Choose your favorite blogging platform:

There are many content management systems, but Blogger and WordPress are two popular CMSs.

Blogger is a service of Google and there are free but very limited features available to use, if you want to do more customization in Blogger then you must have coding knowledge. To use WordPress you need to create very beautiful, well designed, and responsive blogs.

WordPress is a very good platform, where you will get multiple options. Which will help in your blogging? Using this you can create a very interactive blog/website. When you come to use WordPress. So there are two options and


When starting a blog on, you have no option to choose a hosting provider. And you have to use their hosting. Which is very expensive and not SEO friendly.

I suggest you create your blog on and buy A2 Hosting or Hosting from Siteground to start a blog in 2020.

If you use WordPress then there are many beautiful themes, using which you can give a good look to your blog. You can use plugins in WordPress to improve your SEO and style your blog. Some themes and plugins are free to use while some are paid.

Choose the right place according to your interest

Choose the right place according to your interest

Before starting a blog you need to choose the right place in which you can provide quality content. Choosing the right place for your blog is a very important step for your future in blogging.


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