How to Permanently Delete Data Before selling


If you are selling your old smartphone and laptop, then delete their data Over time, but don’t know how to permanently delete data before selling.

inflation is increasing and its effect is also visible on the prices of devices such as smartphones and laptops. Because of this, many people buy second hand.

Those who buy used goods have many precautions, but people who sell used items often make such mistakes, which they have to bear.

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Actually, these devices contain our personal data, so it is necessary to delete them while selling them.

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How to Clean smartphone


The smartphone does not just have your number and photos. Apart from that, there is a lot of personal data in you. There are many such apps, which give many other information about you from your home address.

Keeping this in mind, while selling the smartphone, it is very important to clean it so that your data saved in it does not fall into any wrong hands. but you don’t know How to Permanently Delete Data from your Device.

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This way Permanently Delete all data

To delete data, first go to the settings of the smartphone. After this, many options will open in front of you, tap on reset among them.

Keep in mind that there may be some changes in options in smartphones of different companies. In such a situation, find options related to it.

Once you reset the smartphone, the number, photos and log in with your ID on the apps will be deleted automatically.

Computer and Laptop Device

Like a smartphone, your personal data is also in the laptop, so it is very important to delete all the data even before selling it, but after doing so, one can recover your data.

In case, take the help of file share reader software. It can be downloaded for free. With this, you can delete your data forever. After this process, no one will be able to restore your data.

How to use the software?

This software can be downloaded from the Internet or click here.

After installing the software, a small window will open in front of you, in which you will see three options like Ad Files, Add Folder, and Shared Free Disk Space.

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To delete the data from the laptop forever, choose the third option.

After doing this, the data saved on the hard disk as well as elsewhere will be permanently deleted.

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