How to earn money from blogging – 7 best ways 2020

The blogger does not know much about making money from blogging in the beginning, so he is not able to earn much despite having good traffic on his blog. So today here I will tell you about some ways and tips to make money from Blogging that I have used, and in these ways I earn money from my blog. How to make money blogging for beginners

When I started blogging in 2010, I knew nothing about making money from blogging, but after slowly learning about blogging, I got to see a lot of changes that got me motivated and I blogged all my attention. Then in 2014 it was found out how to make more money than blogging.

And friends, today I know about many great ways to earn money from my Technology Sagar – Specialist for Digital Marketing Blog. Whom I have taught in 10 years. Now I make $ 50,000 + from blogging and affiliate marketing.

You can also earn from blogging, just you have to choose a little time daily and the methods mentioned by me, by which you can earn more money online in your life, these are the ways: –

7 tried ways to earn money from blogging 2020

There are 100+ ways to make money from blogging, but here I will only tell about the methods that actually earn more and which I have used.

If you have not yet created a blog, then first you can read our guide on how to start my own blog and make your own blog.

  1. Sponsored Content

If you have good knowledge of content writing, then you can make more money from blogging because content writing is the best way to earn money online. I have been using this method from 10 years.

For example, a sponsored post on a Technology and Informative website / blog is charged at least $ 150. Just like if you get 10 Sponsored Posts within 1 month, then you can earn $ 1500 money by writing only 10 posts. And this money will add four moons in your life.

Friends, the contents of such sponsored blogs come to you every month, it is difficult. But your website is popular and there is millions of traffic on it, then you will get many such offers.

What is sponsored content? When any company gives you money to write posts about your new product, service or brand, it is called sponsored content.

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