5 Tips – How to Choose SEO Friendly web hosting in india

Hello friends, to get Google search on any blog or website, it is necessary to have backlinks, quality content, sitemaps, SEO optimization. But I have learned from 10 years of experience that Best Web Hosting is also important with them.

How to Choose SEO Friendly web hosting


Today, I will tell you what is seo friendly web hosting and what company offers seo friendly web hosting in India, what are its important features.

Start a WordPress blog with any cheap web hosting. That is, not to expect any kind of traffic from Google. Google will not give approval on your website. Then all your hard work will be spoiled, so today I have written this post in which you have told that do not start blogging with cheap web hosting. Start Blogging with a Best Web Hosting. Which will give you quick success.

seo friendly web hosting means hosting that follows Google’s algorithms. In this post, I have told about 5 important features, so that you can choose the best seo friendly web hosting.

Many comments came from my website, how to find seo friendly web hosting for wordpress website.

5 important features of SEO friendly web hosting: –

1. High uptime guarantee

About 99% of web hosting companies guarantee high uptime but only a few of those web providers give 100% uptime. The percentage of uptime time means that your website is visible to everyone on Google * 24 * 7. So that no user goes back. Why a user came and your website is not open, then it will go back and your one user will be reduced, so it is very important to choose seo friendly web hosting, which makes your website fast and available 24 * 7 compared to other websites.

The higher the uptime of your website or blog. You will get the same organic traffic. If your website has more downtime and the website is down more then Google will reduce your site’s rank. If you have quality content on your website, but your rank will be reduced.

One can expect higher uptime from cheap web hosting. For best results, choose a web hosting that guarantees minimum 99. 99% or more uptime. Or guarantee leg day 1.4 minutes and leg year 8 + horse downtime. Do not use web hosts that provide less uptime than this.

Friends, do not take hosting from any hosting provider that gives 100% guarantee. Why giving 100% uptime is not possible for a company. Every few seconds it is taken down. Therefore, read the web hosting exam only after reading all the reviews.

Best web hosting in india

Server Response Time

Uptime keeps us online and accessible, but if your site is se very slow, then your website cannot be ranked top in Google.

Google’s Guild Lines says that it is important to have good design and speed with quality content on your website. A website or blog needs a fast server for speed up.

Nowadays, many web hosting providers in the market use fast servers, but only a few of them are fast in real.

You should use a web hosting whose server response time is under 200 ms. To check the response time of your site’s server, you can use Google Page Speed ​​Tool.

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