What is Google Question Hub Tool? How it Works

What is Google Question Hub Tool? How it Works

What Is Google Question Hub Tool | How It Works | Why To Use

If you are a Blogger then you must have heard the name of Google Question Hub Tool. You may have even tried to use it but you could not run it. Actually, this tool is currently available for a few Hindi bloggers in India.

If you are looking for something, then Question Google hub tool will give you special feature so you will move now to next level on google platform.

Among the millions of bloggers present in India, there are only a few bloggers who are working on Hindi blogs, due to which Google keeps working from time to time on new tools and Events to promote Hindi websites.

Recently launched Google Question Hub tool, Google has also worked on helping and giving new directions to its publishers.

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Let us know in detail the What is Google Question Hub? How does it work ? For which bloggers is it available? Will answer all types.


What Is Google Question Hub Tool | How It Works | Why To Use

If you are a publisher, you always need to know what and how the user is searching on Google, according to which you prepare your article or blog. In such a situation, Google has launched new tool keeping in mind the needs of publishers, so that you can easily know what people are searching on Google and what questions you can answer in their article.

How does the Google Question Hub tool work?

In Google’s new tool, you can search all the questions related to your topic or keywords which are being searched on Google, after which you will be able to submit a link to that article as well.

Through this tool, publisher can easily understand the mood of Google user. Which is currently available for a few publishers.

How can you use this tool?

In such a situation, the question arises in your mind that how can you use this tool? Google organizes programs to make its publishers aware, in which only the publishers involved get early access to that tool. The Google’s new Question Hub tool is currently limited to 800 bloggers in India and is set to make it available to everyone soon.


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How to join Google Question Hub Event?

If you have a question, how can you join a Google Question Hub event or other event? So for this you have to register keeping in mind all the upcoming Google events. Which are already updated on the net.

Recently, the Google Question Hub Event was held on 14 December where Hindi bloggers from all the big cities of India were involved.

Event Experience

If you are new to the world of blogging or are facing new challenges every day, then do not miss the chance to go to any event of Google. Here you meet new people, which solves your problems and also increases your morale.

If I share my experience of Google Question Hub Event, it was awesome. Got a chance to meet and interact with many big bloggers. In which the most amazing and comedic meeting was with Digital Poonam, who is a very successful and famous person in the blogging world.

pay attention :

If you want to make your career in Hindi blogging. then i tell you that Google’s entire focus is now on Hindi blogs in India and it wants to take it to a big level.

At the moment, Hindi is only 0.1% of all the content on the Internet, in such a way that there is a better chance that you can bring your Hindi blog forward.

According to Google experts, Hindi blogger has been advertised for about 10 thousand crores in 2020.

In such a situation, if you are new and understanding things, then this is a great chance that you should focus on strengthening your grip and take advantage of this opportunity.

If you want to apply for this Tool then you can fill the form by copying the link below where you will be asked for your blog email and some details.



So friends, hope you have gained enough information related to Google Question Hub in this article. If you have any question related, then you can feel free to ask us in the comment box below – Technology Sagar.

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