Tips for successful General interview questions & answers

Tips for successful General interview questions & answers

General interview questions & answers – Whenever we go to a Job Interview. So we prepare it. First comes in our mind. That if we come to know some important Job Interview Tips, then we will not face any difficulty in Face Interview.

We will also be successful in Job Interview.

To know Interview Tips, you must read our Job Interview Article – “10 Tips to General interview questions & answers

Friends, during the Job Interview we are asked some Common Interview Questions. People who are going to give job interview, be it Government Job Interview or Private Ioh Interview, all have some basic Interview Questions.

This question always remains in your mind, after all, what are those Job Interview Questions. Which can be asked of us.

If you want to know about some General interview questions & answers. So please read this article completely. Many people ask me how do we answer the question asked in the interview? (How to answer interview questions)

Friends! Today I am going to tell you some Job Interview Questions and Answers. Which you can ask during the interview. Please read these Top Interview Questions and their answers carefully.

So that you can get a good job in the company you want. Interview Questions and Answers.

Common Job Interview Questions and Answers Here I will tell you some of the most General interview questions & answers and also show you how to answer those Interview Questions.

You can prepare answers to these interview questions according to your job and you can achieve success in any interview.

Tell me something about yourself

This is the first question you can be asked. In the answer to this interview question, you have to tell your name, your address, your qualifications. Also, tell us about your previous Work Experience in short.

You can also tell something about your family background in short. Here you have to keep in mind one thing. Please tell in short.

What is your Strengths?

In this interview question answer you have to tell your strength. What good can you do, you have to tell this.

You can tell in answer to this question. That you are a Positive Thinker, you are a Creative Person, you are an honest person, you get adjusted in any environment. You can tell about your hard work. Overall here you have to talk about your adaptability.

What is your Weakness

You must be feeling. Here you have to tell your Weakness. But please pay attention, here you have to tell your goodness as your weaknesses.

You can tell that you do not like to sit idle, you do not like to lie or listen or you do not like to talk nonsense or until you give 100% of your work, you do not feel good. Also state that you are a passionate person.

Why do you want to work in our company?

In the answer to this interview question, you have to praise the company. You have to tell that your ability matches that company.

You can tell that your company is a Reputed company. In which you want to learn more by doing jobs. And want to give something good to the company to the best of their ability.

Your Ability matches this company. You tell that you have heard. It is a good environment to work here.

Why should we put you on this job?

Friends, this is one such interview question. In the answer of which you have to tell about your talent. Here you have to tell about your abilities.

Which can benefit that company. Here you can tell your goodies, or here you can tell about your Work Experience, or here you can tell a lot about your Achievements. You can tell how you solved some problems in previous companies.

Why do you want to leave your current job / company?

Keep in mind while answering this Interview Question. You do not have to forget the evil of your old company.

You can say that here, you are looking for a better company. You are looking for a good opportunity. You want to learn more. You want to increase your talent even more by learning more.

What do you know about our company?

Nowadays this question is being asked a lot in Job Interviews. The company wants to know whether or not you know anything about the company you want to work in. Or how serious you are about joining that company.

You can tell here that the company has a good name. It is a growing company. The work environment here is very good. Company workers take pride in working here.

Also, tell about the Head Office or Branches of the company or whatever information you have collected about that company.

Tell us something about your achievements

This is why the company asks about your Achievements. Because she wants to know what you have done well before. So that now in your company too you can do something else.

Here you should tell about the achievements from your school life to your last job. If you have ever topped school life or you have achieved something good in sports etc.

you can tell. Also, tell about some achievements of your last job, like you have done a great deal or done something that has brightened the name of the company.

What goals have you set for your career?

In this interview question, the company wants to know about your short term goal or long term goal.

Here you have to keep in mind that, do not tell any of your Goal that the company looks too big or fake. Here you tell that, your biggest Goal is to learn more and more. As you continue to learn more, the company will continue to give you a better post or rank.

Here’s where you want to reach in the next 5 years. Also, tell us what you want to achieve in the next 10 years.

What is your Salary Expectations –

Friends, if you are asked this question, then understand that your selection is almost certain. Keep in mind here, do not tell Direct about your Salary Expectation.

If you are a fresher, then say that whatever is according to the rules of the company, you should get that salary. If you are an Experienced Worker.

You can tell about the salary package available in the last company. So that you can get more salary. Say that increasing knowledge and learning more than salary is your main objective.

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