Fashion – How to Create your own Personal style

Fashion – How to Create your Own Personal Style

Fashion”, when this word or any sort of item representing it like clothing or any type of accessories, comes to our mind or in front of our eyes, we always start thinking to be different and unique in terms of fashion styles.

fashion style


We always think to be unique and also the art of expression in terms of fashion is usually different for everyone individually. To make our looks and appearance unique and different, we try our best to be up to date with the fashion, by collecting data through the internet, by following our favorite celebrity styles, by copying the appearance of our friends and colleagues, and this list of ways to make our appearance unique goes on. However, will it extremely cause you to unique?

my style

My style

The answer isn’t any, as in either of the ways that, you usually find yourself with other’s selections by obtaining affected through their designs or manner of presentation or expression.

Well, today I’m going to give you an idea that How can you create your own fashion style from the scratch and can be the center of attraction in your friends, family, or at your workplace. will give you an idea about the unique styles of your own, the way of expression, the creation of new styles, and looks to be a role model for others.

So, as I mentioned earlier, that we’ll begin from scratch to know How to Cultivate Personal Style, let’s begin it then from finding inspiration.

So, as I mentioned earlier, that we’ll start from scratch to know How to Cultivate Personal Style.



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Find out a mode of style inspiration: 

Personal style

Personal style

To find some style inspiration, one can do the following things:

  • Collect expert’s knowledge using various top media outlets.
  • Follow some fashion magazines like Elle and Vogue 
  • Following various styling blogs and vlogs
  • Watching fashion TV shows like America’s Next Top Model
  • Collect visuals for styling tips and advice from search engines like Google and social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, etc. 

Anything related to one’s fashion sense or style can be an inspiration.


street style

street style

Decide your Likes and Dislikes:

Collect all your inspirational styles, fabric choices, colors combination, prints collection. Now, segregate them based on most liked and somewhat liked. After this, decide which one you can include or adopt in your individualistic fashion style.

Examination of your Own Lifestyle:

Before exploring different styles and fashion options, review your lifestyle.

Going for H&M Boots?


Your office requires a full-professional outfit (i.e., formal).

Still, wants to buy?

Planning for any casual date or outing, then go for these shoes.

Keep checking out the things, explore different styles, and be smart enough to pick the one that matches out to your lifestyle.

Mix-Match and commit mistakes: 

Trying out any outfit and wants to mix it up with another range in fashion?


If you feel that it will not work out, don’t hesitate.

Just try it off!

Maybe, you won’t like these experiments at the initial stage, but it will give you many different ideas. Remember that, experiments lead to innovation. So, go for experiments with your outfits, according to your moods, and be artistic while getting dressed.

new style dress for girl

New style dress for girl

Know your body and what suits you:

If you are experimenting and trying to create unique styles and fashion ideas, you will easily get to know your body’s shape and what suits you.

You will be knowing what kind of outfit suits your body and what you can carry. You will be familiar with the types of shoes and heels that are comfortable for you; which colors and fabric suits you more.

When you will be knowing all these things and try out the styles keeping these in your mind, it will turn out to be very unique.

healthy lifetime

Healthy lifetime

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Dress according to your Personality and Interests:

Fashion is said to be an extension of one’s personality. Sometimes people judge you even before you utter a single word. On the basis of your fashion sense, style, and clothing, strangers can make assumptions about your personality. If you’re well-dressed in formal business wear, others will get an image of you as an intelligent personality having a prestigious job.

So, whatever you are, just represent it through your outfits. 

  • If you are a fan of musical bands, reflect your interest by wearing band t-shirts, plaid shirts along with ripped jeans. 
  • If you are a positive and creative personality, you can reflect that through some complex outfits that will make you stand out from the crowd. 
dressing style & Personality

Dressing style & Personality

Include different Accessories:

To create a unique style, always carry some sort of accessories like footwear, handbags, jewelry, and other accessories. This will help in making the look more attractive and classier. One can style different kinds of accessories as per their mood. 

  • Have a mood of sports, pair up your clothing with a cap or sneakers.
  • Wanna look like a religious and Indian Cultural woman, pair your outfits with Boho or any Ethnic Indian Jewellery.
  • Going for a bike ride, carry a nice leather jacket of Levi’s, Roadster, Adidas with your outfits, and enjoy.

Be Bold, Fearless, and Have Fun. Enjoy Every Moment:

Creating your styles will give you a fresh fashion look. It will give you confidence and a happy feel. Enjoy every moment of it. Be active, playful, and confident enough to give a fresh look to your fashion style. It will give you a unique fashion style and a chance to be yourself.

Hope these points will give you clarity about your confusion regarding unique fashion styles and how to create it. This will surely help you to make your fashion styles more elegant and classy.

So, now try it out and  Be Bold, Be Fearless, and at last Be You and slay the world Ladies!

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