Difference between listbox and combobox in vb

Difference between listbox and combobox in vb

Difference between listbox and combobox in vb

Combo Box

Standard control of combo box Visual Basic which can be obtained from IDE’s Toolbox. This is a control that has a combination of a list box and a textbox. Because of which this control was named Combo Box.

ComboBox provides the user with a list in the form. That can be hidden so that the user gets extra space in the form. If needed, the user can get the list down by the mouse. This is a better version of the list box.

Combo Box provides the facility to the user to create two types of combo boxes.

1. Simple combo

2. Drop down combo

The combo box has the following major properties, methods and events –

Properties- Name, List, Index, Datasource List Index etc.

Methods- Add items, Refresh, Move, Setfocus. Events – Click, Keydown, Scroll. And so on.

List Box –
The ListBox control is an important control in Visual Basic. Using which the user can get the list of data items in the form. This is the biggest feature of this control. That if the List box’s list becomes longer here.

In that case Scroll automatically connects with the control. Which the user can see by list up and down through the mouse. The list box provides data bound features to the user. By which the data can be kept bound with the database.

The list box covers more space in the form than the combo box. The following properties, methods and events of the list box are prominent.

Properties- List count, Container, Data field index, List count, Tag, Sorted.

Methods- Add items, Clear, Drag, Zorder. Events-Dblclick, Click, Validate, Scroll.


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