Black Fungal infection Symptoms – What is Mucormycosis


Black Fungal infection Symptoms – What is Mucormycosis – In this disease, fungal infection accumulates near the veins of the eye. Which stops the blood flow of the central retinal artery. Because of this, the eyesight gets lost. Black fungus infection has been seen in corona-infected patients or some patients who have recovered from corona. This infection is usually found in those people. Whose body is weak in fighting a disease.

Where does black fungus attack?

Experts told – Black fungus or Mucarmycosis is enveloping people after Covid. In this disease, black fungus is spreading in the nose, sinus, eye and brain and destroy them. The life of patients is being built.

What is Black Fungus (Mucoromiasis) disease

Actually, Mucoromiasis is a disease associated with fungus (black fungus) infection. This disease is spread by a type of fungus or fungus. Spores or spores of this fungus are naturally present in the environment. Usually there is no risk from them, but if the immunity system of the body is weak, then they prove to be fatal. Sugar patients are becoming more vulnerable to this disease.

How does the body affect black fungus



This fungus reaches the brain through the eyes, nose. And in the meantime destroys the bone and skin that gets in the way. And it has a very high death rate. Senior doctor MB Singh of CVO Hospital, Lucknow considers this fungus as fatal. But do not believe to be afraid of it. The doctor says that patients who stay on oxygen and ventilator sports for a long time. And among those whose sugar control is uncontrolled, this fungus is falling prey to any one.

Black Fungal infection Symptoms

Black Fungal infection Symptoms – Talking about its symptoms, this disease has seen far more pain in the head, redness in the eyes, watery eyes, closure of the movement of the eyes. Symptoms of this disease include nasal congestion, swelling of the eyes and cheeks or swelling of the entire face. Many times the black crust starts settling on the nose. Pain under the eyes or headache and fever are also its symptoms. According to some experts, Black Fungal infection Symptoms starts from the nose. From where it travels to the upper jaw. And then reaches the mind.

Three major causes of disease progression

Black Fungal infection – According to some media reports, there are three major reasons for the spread of this disease. Including uncontrolled use of corona, diabetes and steroids. Kovid patients already suffering from certain diseases have a reduced ability to fight other diseases. The body of the patients is unable to cope with the external infection and at the same time it attacks the fungus. Apart from this, there is twice the risk of diabetes patients. The third reason is the excessive use of steroids. Which is also used in the treatment of corona. This also affects immunity.

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What is the treatment of black fungus

According to doctors, Black Fungal / Mucoromiasis is a type of fungal infection. Which reaches the brain through the nose and eye. And the patient dies. If mucorumiasis disease is detected in time, then treatment is possible. One of the symptoms of this is to identify the symptoms as soon as possible and contact the doctor. People fighting Kovid should especially pay attention to its symptoms. According to some doctors, once the infection reaches the brain, then no treatment is effective.

So far, the blaze fungus has spread in these states

The latest cases have come from Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Black fungus has been found in 8 Kovid patients in Lucknow. Cases were also seen in Varanasi and Meerut. There have been about 50 cases of black fungal infection in the last 10 days in Bhopal. There are 4 patients in Hamidia Hospital, 7 patients in AIIMS Hospital and others who are admitted in private hospitals. However, apart from MP-UP, black fungus has spread its foot in Maharashtra, Delhi and Gujarat. There have been six cases of mucoramesis in Delhi. While 40 patients of black fungus have been found in Gujarat. Recently, a 29-year-old man has also been diagnosed with Mucoromiasis (black fungus) in Mumbai recently.

Which patients are most likely to have mucoomycosis?

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan has been told that people who are suffering from other serious diseases, or are taking voriconazole therapy. Uncontrolled diabetes, weakening immunity due to excessive use of steroids or prolonged stay in the ICU are susceptible to fungal infections.


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