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Apple AirPods Pro has such intelligent technology. Which will make music lovers crazy.

Apple has launched its new Apple AirPods Pro in the market. These Apple AirPods Pro are much more powerful than pro old earpods.

After 5 minutes of charging, Apple’s new EarPods Pro can be used for up to an hour.

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro release date is 30 October 2019. First to be sold in the US. Soon they will be available for sale in India as well.

According to information received from Apple, these models will be able to pair with models of the iPhone 8 and later.

These earpods have special features for audio. So that user can get better experience.

Wireless Bluetooth earphones have come a long way. But influenced by the sound quality and the surrounding noise, music lovers have viewed these products with skepticism.

However, it probably won’t happen now because Apple recently launched. AirPods Pro has made several necessary improvements.

In the next generation Apple AirPod Pro, the new technology used may prove to be a different experience for those using wireless Bluetooth earphones.

Active noise cancellation and immersive sound technology can change the way you listen to music or make calls.

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Latest technology makes the new Apple AirPods Pro special

Coming with a very lightweight, in-ear design at a price of Rs 24,900, this device is helpful in making phone calls, enjoying TV shows and movies, playing games and interacting with Siri.

Apple AirPods Pro

What makes AirPods Pro special is active noise cancellation,

Which uses two combined microphones and speakers with advanced software to suit anyone’s ears and headphones.

When this feature is on, you cannot hear anything in the background (even the doors), so you can focus on what you are listening to.

Amazing Sound Engineering

The use of superb sound engineering is behind this experience. The first microphone is external-facing which detects external sound to analyze environmental noise.

AirPod Pro then makes the same noise that cancels out background noise before it reaches the listener’s ear.

Transparency mode will work

If you are traveling in the Delhi Metro, switching to Transparency mode allows you to listen to music simultaneously and also announcements about the upcoming station.

Transparency mode ensures this. Your own voice sounds natural, while the audio plays perfectly.

Battery Life

Let’s talk battery life: The charging case of Apple AirPods Pro will give you more than 24 hours when fully charged, with each full charge of AirPods Pro, you will get five hours of listening. (This is with noise cancellation or transparency),

if you use AirPods Pro as a hands-free mic for calling, it will take four and a half hours, or three and a half hours.


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