About Us


I still remember making my first website today.

No revenue, no traffic, no business. Nothing happened.

It took me a long time to learn how to launch my first site.

Finding out how web hosts work, how to set up WordPress, how to set everything up, buy a domain and point it to my website, the steps seemed endless.

That moment was the beginning of everything. It inspired me to create a blog, start freelancing, connect with tech startups, and create my own company.

Some of us at Quick Sprout bought and sold companies, blogged millions of visitors per month, created email lists of 700,000 people, raised funds for VC-supported startups, traded in for seven figures and used those products. Built what customers liked.

None of this compares to the creation of that first web site. When I have met all of us. We love to build and grow websites, that’s why we keep coming back.

Our mission at Quick Sprout is to help you hook up as well. Whether considering building your first website, getting your first visitors, or scaling to the next level, we want to make sure you have every guide you need along the way. It’s Quick Sprout.

Today, Quick Sprout is run by a small group of online entrepreneurs, led by Lars Lofgren himself.

Keeping in mind here to help you grow your traffic, business and marketing career. Whether considered a founder, freelancer, marketing manager, or executive, maybe there is something here for you.